Adjustments for KristianD3 AK-47

Adjustments for KristianD3 AK-47

This is simply a replacement weapons.ymt file for KristianD3’s AK47/AKM mod that adjusts the operation of the AKM in several ways. I liked the result so I am sharing it for everyone to enjoy with permission from the author.

Cyclic rate of fire has been increased: It is much faster but not unrealistically fast. I just timed how long it took to empty a mag after adjusting the settings, did some clickity clack on the calculator, and ended up close to 600 RPM for hip fire and shouldered. The hip fire rate has a different setting that I need to adjust a little more so the two are not exactly the same but it is not a night and day difference.

Range has been increased bigly: The range adjustment is the most dramatic adjustment and you will be able to hit whoever needs hittin’ at IRL effective range.
Projectile force has been lowered: But only for the AKM. The other guns still retain the Hollywood knockdown effect that Rockstar gave them. This helps so that the enemies don’t just get gradually yeeted into the next county when force is applied at the increased rate of fire. I am starting with a light touch on this adjustment so it can certainly be lowered more in the future.

Make sure you download the AK47/AKM mod by KristianD3 first or this mod will do nothing.
While you’re in the neighborhood, thank KristianD3 for giving “lore friendly” the finger and dropping such an awesome mod.
Make sure the original mod works in your game
Close the game
Replace the weapons.ymt in the original AK47 folder with the one in AKM_modified

Now get out there and show Saint Denis why America is #1



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