American Frontier Weaponry V1.0

American Frontier Weaponry V1.0

This is a mod that attempts to make weapons more accurate to the general civilian and army arsenal from the late 19th century. Full list of changes below.

Weapons have undergone significant improvements in terms of realism. The reloading speeds have been intentionally slowed down to enhance the authenticity of the gameplay. The accuracy of each weapon has been individually adjusted, resulting in a noticeable difference that players can feel. The damages inflicted by the weapons have been balanced to ensure a fair and more realistic experience. Some weapons have undergone special reworks to further enhance their performance.

Non-regular ammo now packs a more powerful punch. All revolvers, including the Schofield, have been given a high damage output, considering that they share the same caliber. To increase the challenge, players now receive full damage when NPCs use powerful weapons such as shotguns, spencer rifles, and springfield rifles. Explosive ammo has been removed from pistols, Lemat revolvers, and Navy revolvers.

The fire rate of all semi-automatic pistols, shotguns, bolt-action rifles, Litchfield repeaters, and Volcanic pistols has been increased. On the other hand, the fire rate of the Carbine repeater, Cattleman revolver, and Navy revolver has been decreased. Worn weapons now have an even lower fire rate, highlighting the difference between clean and worn weapons. Mounted NPCs now have the same or lower fire rate as when on foot, as opposed to the higher fire rate they had in the vanilla version.

Reloading speed has been significantly reduced, ranging from 1.5 to 2.8 times slower than before. While NPCs still have faster reloading animations than players, their reloading speed has been noticeably slowed down compared to the vanilla version. Players now have the option to interrupt the reloading process after placing just one cartridge into the chamber, as opposed to the previous requirement of two cartridges.

Accuracy has been adjusted based on the target distance for shortarms, shotguns, and repeaters. This results in a noticeable difference in accuracy between close and far ranges. Additionally, the range has been increased for all firearms.

Shortarms with long barrel attachments now have +7% damage and +18% accuracy, but with a degradation rate increase of 12%. Shotguns with long barrels now have +18% accuracy. The Schofield with a short barrel has a +12% fire rate but -25% accuracy.

Recoil effects have been increased for rifles and shotguns, allowing players to feel the recoil and its impact on their body.

Requires LML. Put “American Frontier Weaponry” inside your lml folder.

Not compatible with other weapon mods such as 1899 Firearms, Munitions, Maverick Weapons and so on.



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