Automatic shotgun V1.0

Automatic shotgun V1.0

Automatic shotgun and enforced other unique weapons. Now I modified the main file: weapons.ymt

Four shot double-barreled sawed-off? Enforced exotic shotgun and other unique weapon? Enforced slugs to catapult lawmen into orbit? And, finally, full auto shotgun? Now you can try it.

Reason why I intentionally didn’t modify regular weapons such as Cattleman (except sawed-off and semi-auto shotgun): NPCs use them. Enforced Cattleman is Flaco’s Cattleman, enforced Shoefild is Otis Miller’s golden Shoefild, enforced double action is Wasp’s DA with Tahitian pearls.

Semi-auto shotgun is now full auto shotgun with 30 rounds in the clip. If can be load with regular repeater rounds and turns to something like BAR1918. But for real fun you have use the slugs.



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rar Full auto shotgun-1-0 51 KB
rar Full auto shotgun and Springfield-1-0s 51 KB
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