Cut Down Winchester 1887 (Repeating Shotgun) V1.0

Cut Down Winchester 1887 (Repeating Shotgun) V1.0

This mod replaces the default grip and main Repeating Shotgun model and provides a cut down variation of the weapon, reminiscent of both CoD MW2 and Terminator 2 appearances.

– Can be customised at Gunsmith.
– Replaces main body of Repeating Shotgun, as well as default stock option for Repeating Shotgun
– Cool ass modification that isn’t in the base game for some reason
– Ease of installation
– Bottom text.
+ Unfortunately, due to this mod having to edit a main weapon model, animations don’t work. Once Sollumz is updated with animation support I will resolve this

Contains .ydr files for modified Repeating Shotgun components. Put in stream. ScriptHook + LML required, like literally every other mod. Use WinRAR or 7zip to extract files.



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