Immersive Firefights V1.20

Immersive Firefights V1.10

Immersive Firefights attempts to bring a new challenge to the table. In short the weapons have dramatically lower reload speeds and each weapon has its own perks and cons so you should be able to feel a big difference from hopping from one weapon to another.

-Weapon reload speeds decreased roughly by about 30% Arthur/John are no longer superhumans
-Damage increased for all weapons making large caliber weapons such as the Bolt Action Rifle devastating
-Double action revolver uses a speedloader which makes it actually useful in contrast to the slower reload speeds
-Mauser pistol is now fully automatic similar to its RDR1 counterpart
-Ammo capacities changed corresponding to what they were in the previous game
-Accuracy decreased for all weapons
-Some ammo types removed for certain weapons and explosive ammo is removed altogether
-Recoil shake on shots removed offering a lot smoother and more satisfying gameplay

The next update will cover DLC weapons such as the LeMat, M1899 and Evan’s Repeater.

This is quite ambitious considering this is my first mod for RDR2 so let me know if there is anything to improve upon/add in future updates

Installation: Drag and drop in LML



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