Maverick Weapons and Catalog V4.6


This mod changes a whole lot but not much both at the same time. Check out the list of changes; I’ll try to list everything.

Really this mod is more for me than anything else, I’ve spent many hours working on this and I figured I might as well put it out in case anyone might enjoy it as well.

Equalized Special Ammo
All special ammo will now have the same stats, meaning they’ll have the damage of the Express rounds, the accuracy of the Split Point rounds, and the range of the High Velocity rounds.
Regular ammo remains unchanged. Incendiary & Explosive ammo are also unchanged.
I just hated always realizing my weapon switched to a different type and that I kept going back and forth not knowing which to pick.

Infinite Special Ammo
Infinite ammo for all special ammo types.
Regular Shotgun ammo & Varmint Rifle ammo are also infinite.
There is now an ALTERNATIVE version of my mod that has No Infinite Ammo.

Infinite Throwables
Infinite ammo for all throwable weapons (Knives, Tomahawks, Dynamite… etc).
This doesn’t affect Melee weapons which you can throw (like Hatches).

Revolvers No Bullet Spread
No Accuracy\Reticle Bloom for all Revolvers while using Special ammo.

No Weapon Degradation
Weapons that are already degraded will still need to be cleaned once but won’t degrade after that.

Weapon Familiarity (No Weapon Sway, Reduced Recoil & Faster Reload)
Weapon familiarity will now completely remove weapon sway, reduce weapon recoil by 50% (up from 25%) and increase reload speed by 30% (up from 10%). Familiarity with the bow will also remove stamina cost.

Buffed Cattleman & Double-Action Revolvers
Cattleman & Double-Action revolvers special ammo will have the damage of Schofield Revolver.

Buffed Lancaster Repeater, Bolt Action Rifle & Carcano Rifle
Lancaster Repeater special ammo will have the damage of Litchfield Repeater.
Bolt Action Rifle special ammo will have the damage of Springfield Rifle.
Carcano Rifle special ammo will have the damage of Rolling Block.

Cleaner John’s & Granger Revolvers
Replace the worn-out dingy steel with clean steel (same blackened steel you can apply to your regular revolvers). Also Gives John’s Revolver a slightly cleaner grip.


This was incredibly hard to make… yeah ๐Ÿ™
This mod edits weapons.ymt and is incompatible with any other mod that edits the same file.
Lemat Revolver, Evans Repeater, High-Roller Double-Action Revolver & M1899 Pistol have their own separate files which I haven’t edited yet, they will still benefit from infinite ammo & Familiarity buffs but none of the other stuff, I plan on doing these soon.
Most of these stats had to be edited for each individual weapon separately, so it is possible I may have missed something, Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything and I’ll try to fix it.
UI Weapon stats won’t change, I suspect they are edited separately (which was the case with GTA).

Lenny’s Mod Loader is Required to use this mod.
Copy ‘Maverick Weapons’ folder into ‘lml’ folder

Requires: Script Hook RDR2

Maverick Catalog
Companion Mod (Don’t install this if you are using Red Dead Offline or any other Catalog mod)



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