Realistic loadouts V2.3

Realistic loadouts

Tired of just Carbine repeaters on everybody? Then this mod is for you.

Excursion into history
Did you know that in 1890s Springfield rifle was still popular? But in the game it almost not represented. The mod fixes this historical inconsistency. Now springfield is used by hunters and rural lawmen, not only Lemoyne raiders.

Did you know what was the most popular police sidearm in the late 19th century? The Merwin&Hulbert revolver! It has similar looking as ingame Schofield with short barrel. It was used by police of Louisiana (ingame Lemoyne). So now it represented in this mod. Later, in early 20th century, police sidearms began to standartize by the gun which ingame named Double-action revolver. And now it represented in Blackwater police.

Lawmen use shotguns more often.
City police use longarms less often (Saint Denis, Blackwater).
Wagon guards use shotguns more often (which is historical accurate).
Common lawmen can carry story-unlocked repeaters, revolvers, springfield, double-barreled shotgun.
Law professionals (such as marshals and pinkertons) carry pump and lever shotguns, unlocked revolvers, unlocked repeaters, unlocked sniper rifles.
Saint Denis police. Shortarms: short schofield; sometimes another revolvers. Longarms: carbine\lancaster, double-barreled shotgun.
Blackwater police. Shortarms: double-action, M1899. Longarms: lancaster with brown frame, pump shotgun.

Lemoyne raiders use rifles and repeaters. They dont use double-actions (not their style), but prefer custom cattlemans and schofields.
Brontes use cattlemans, doubleactions, short shofields – all with blued steel and ebony grip; lancasters with blued frame.
Murfrеes can also use springfields and litchfields(rare) in very worn condition.
Del Lobos use all repeaters, bolt-action rifle; cattleman\doubleaction\mauser.
Laramies use lancasters with iron components, bolt rifles and shotguns; pistols and revolvers.
Skinners prefer rifles (according to their outfits), sometimes use repeaters.

Other features
Ammo for longarms is not infinite now. NPCs carry 40-60 rounds for repeaters, 20-30 for shotguns, 30-40 for rifles.
Chance to find repeating shotgun and Litchfield in worn condition before 6th chapter (can be found on some uncommon npcs).
Hunters prefer springfield.
Guards use all types of story-unlocked repeaters.

FAQ Possible questions
Almost always NPCs carry just one longarm on themselves (game choose them from list by certain chance).
Weapons on NPCs are still in permanently worn condition. But on some types of npc they are less worn (police, lemoynes).
Police on city streets may still carry Cattlemans until you get wanted and new cops arrive.

Copy mod folder from the mod archive into LML folder.

For compatibility with Crime&Law rebalance set priority to this mod in mod manager.



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