Realistic Weapon Rebalance V3.0

Realistic Weapon Rebalance

Reloading speed is much slower (in 2-3 times). Partially affects NPC’s (they dont use full reloading animation on most of weapons, so their reloading is still faster than player’s, but significantly slower than in vanilla).

Weapon degradation from shots is ~30% faster.
Weapon familiarity increases reloading speed +25% (instead of vanilla 10%).
Accuracy of most handguns lowered by 10-20%

Cattleman now have reloading time about 10 seconds. Schofield and Double-action have 7 and 6 seconds. So now a new unlocked guns will become much more useful and desirable for player.

Some examples of reloading time:
Cattleman revolver 10s
Volcanic pistol 10s
Navy revolver 11s
Double-action revolver 6s
Schofield revolver 7s
LeMat revolver 15s
Carbine repeater 5s
Bolt-action rifle 8s
Pump-action shotgun 5s
Semi-auto shotgun 6s
Mauser pistol 4s
1899 pistol 3s

Weapon attachments:
Handguns with long barrel attachments degrade +10% faster.
Handguns with long barrel attachments deal +5% more damage.
Single-action revolvers with long barrel attachments have -10% slower fire rate.
Schofield with short barrel have +10% faster fire rate, but less accuracy.
Volcanic deal ~15% less damage.
Cattleman deals +10% damage.
This changes does not show in weapon stats.

Install only one vervion: for RDOffline or standalone.
Copy red_dead_offline folder from the mod archive into LML folder, confirm overwriting files.
For standalone vervion copy folder from the mod archive into LML folder.

Some players who use outdated (or ‘unofficial’) version of RDR2, can meet “error fffff”. If that happens, just delete “weaponcomponents” file from lml/red_dead_offline folder. In this case you will not receive changes of weapon attachments, but still have changes of reloading speed and degradation.

Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML)
Red Dead Offline

Recommended mods
Difficulty scaler good for damage adjustments.
Ped accuracy fix “The mod will fix the ped’s accuracy and they will no longer hit you from miles away”.
Enhanced Edition Brings more depth to gameplay, can be adjusted by player. Compatible with this mod. Just make sure that this mod overwrites the files from that mod.



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