Remington Autoloading Rifle V1.0

Remington Autoloading Rifle V1.0

This mod adds the Remington Autoloading Rifle into the game as a replacement of the Semi-Auto Shotgun.

– This mod replaces the Semi-Auto shotgun
– The replacement is (mostly) fully customisable, with the exception of engravings and carvings. Aside from those elements,
– Model has full custom animations
– NPC compatible
– USES WEAPONS.YMT FILE!, the custom Remington Rifle behaves similarly to the Bolt Action Rifle in terms of damage output but retains it’s semi-automatic capabilities, meaning you can use it effectively and practically when hunting in game!
– There will be a merge with Firearms Overhaul released shortly after this is uploaded though
– Entirely custom model made by me
– If you’re concerned with lore accuracy, this mod is historically accurate if you’re playing as John in 1907 (epilogue) because the Remington Autoloading rifle was made in 1905.

Read the ReadMe file, but if you cant be bothered just toss the Remington Autoloading folder into LML.


– MrSweedgaming2
– Andre, for agreeing to merge, and making the weapons.ymt edits
– Bakou for discovering how to make custom models use animations, and helping with tint customisation stuff
– Oakous for teaching me how to create custom catalogue + compendium entries.
– Krissy, Sir Joseph and MaxLuk for photos

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zip Remington Autoloading Rifle-1-0 49 MB
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