Female Vasco Voice 2 (TTS) V0.1

Female Vasco Voice 2 (TTS) V0.1

This mod is my latest attempt to give Vasco a female type of voice, this time I utilized Text-to-Speech technique to generate it completely from the scratch, using only dialogue lines. This way we get a completely new personality, more android-like and with no retrofuturism-esque pauses between words. Best to use with Vasco CBBE Conversion mod!

Note: please keep in mind that this mod is highly experimental, and you may encounter occasional oddities with his her voice!


I suggest you be a reasonable person and use Mod Organizer 2. Or at least use Vortex, I’m begging you…
If you want to install this manually for some reason, use this mod to disable documents Data folder, don’t fall for Bethesda’s shenanigans.
Then put the mod files into Starfield/Data folder.



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File File size
rar Female Vasco Voice 2 (TTS) - Type A1-0-1 53 MB
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