Vasco Replacer. Edi from Mass Effect V1.0

Vasco Replacer. Edi from Mass Effect V1.0

Replaces Vasco with Edi from Mass Effect 3

1. Add lines below to your StarfieldCustom.ini in Documents\my games\Starfield:


2. Install: Plugins.txt Enabler

3. Add *BizEdiSuit.esm to your plugins.txt

The Edi skin will default replace Vasco as soon as it is loaded. You can add the skin as a suit if you’d like, but it doesn’t look good in areas where the helmet is off.

I also recommend Female Vasco Voice 2 by 63OR63 for the voice. It matches quite well.

Thanks to Arrokoth7323 for his Vasco replacement that I used heavily as a guide.

– type “help  Biz” into the console
– Find the corresponding ID (The line should star with ARMO)
– type “player.additem <ItemID> ”



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File File size
zip Edi replacement for Vasco-1-0 26 MB
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