Cora Wants All The Books V1.0.4

Cora Wants All The Books

Cora has finally convinced you to give her all the books she can read in exchange for gifts.

Planned Features
More text random responses for your books
More books she will take
Random Quest to go raid a dungeon and get a rare book for her (Phase 2 – Might need CK)
Make Starborn Cora a companion with this functionality for variant universes.

Special note this requires Books Revamp mod for the new books.

Required mods:
Books Revamped – Required it provides new books that Cora consumes
Plugins.txt Enabler – Required for all ESM based mods
Venpi’s Core Utilities – Required for all my mods

Installation Via Vortex/MO2
Install as normally would any mod mod.

Installation Manually
Really please use a mod manage 🙂

Download the current zip file. Please everything in the Data folder in the zip to the same place under \Data.

Handling the plugins.txt file
You need to add CoraCanRead.esm, BooksRevamped.esm, and VenpiCore.esm to your plugins.txt file see below for help. Should be ordered like this in the file.


These are instructions from the author of the mod:

Cora Wants All The Books

On game load you should have a marker leading to Cora for a quest named “Cora Wants Books”. Upon completion of the quest you will have a new option in Cora’s dialog about giving her books to read. There are 2 random options for that lead in text so can’t give you an exact message.

I only tested the code with Sam set as a companion in a NGP session there is possible a problem if you don’t have access to Sam. Also this mod won’t work in almost all of the NGP variant images as Cora doesn’t exist.



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