Face ReDesign V1.1

Face ReDesign V1.1

This is a simple character face designed using the basic features of the Creation Kit.
It replaces the faces of the following characters: Sarah, Andreja,SamCoe; Jessamine Griffin and May.
I will redesign other characters as time permits.

Bethesda’s June update currently has a bug in the game that randomizes the order in which mods are loaded, causing files to not load properly. If you don’t have any faces with this mod installed, try reinstalling the mod and manually moving the files for this mod to the bottom of the load order using the Load Order menu in the Create menu in-game.
I can’t be sure, but users who have used the mod in Vortex don’t seem to experience the bug.
I am also a vortex user and have not come across a single texture that does not load the bug.

We recommend using vortexes.



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