Improved Crew Skills V1.0

Improved Crew Skills V1.0

This is yet another mod that edits generic crew members and adds a few new generic crew types.

This mod gives all specialists the following skills: Wellness, Demolitions and Pistol Certification at Rank 1. It also changes the name of the Outpost Security Chief to Outpost Rifle Specialist and adds the Outpost Sniper Specialist and Outposts Shotgun Specialist and gives them the skills: Marksmanship, Wellness and Demolitions at Rank 1 as well as their respective weapon skills at Rank 1. All Generic Crew have the ability to change their gear.

It should work with all already recruited crew.

NOTE: The Security Specialists have the respective weapon skills but have the default equipped weapon. If you want them to have the weapon they specialize in then you have to give it to them yourself.



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