Fluid Handling Overhaul V1.01

Fluid Handling Overhaul V1.01

Stop harvesting raw liquid and gas with your hands.

“Are you huffing gas out of a crack in the ground like a lunatic?” – The Starborn’s mom, probably

Resource collection could be much more interesting than it is. And mildly more realistic than scooping up Mercury with your bare hands.
For now we’ll settle for space propane tanks and Kentwood jugs.

Without a gas/liquid canister in your inventory you’ll get a disabled prompt any time you try to harvest a liquid or gas by hand.
They’re not terribly expensive, but they are a bit heavy.

The idea is that you won’t be able to grab every bit of fluid you see unless you’ve either planned ahead by bringing a container, or permanently dedicated a moderate chunk of your mass to one or both containers. You’ll be able to hold less overall, but harvesting is much less of a hassle.

On the flip side, you now receive quite a bit more per harvest.

Common 12 per harvest
Uncommon 10
Rare 8
Exotic 7
Unique 5

Gas container is crafted from 10 iron/10 lead
Liquid container is crafted from 10 polymer/5 aluminum

This removes the base 50% chance to receive extra resources. Perk bonuses are untouched.

Open to feedback on all of these values. This should be slightly challenging, but feel more rewarding. I’m not trying to balance for hardcore survival just yet (but I still think this would work there).

Load order shouldn’t matter.

Install like any other .esm and enable through plugins.txt

Convert the Leveled List entries to RTFP?: None of the 100ish mods I have touch these lists, so I’m not sure if it’s necessary. Anything editing these leveled lists (which are only used for harvest output) is likely incompatible unless they’re doing something like adding perks.
Add the containers into vendor LL: Might wait for consumables to do that. You’ll only be making a few of these for now
Replace the craft-once tool mechanic with consumable tanks: Ideally you’d craft a few tanks/jugs (they’d be much lighter in this case), and each resource you harvest would consume one
If consumable tanks work out, I may rework fluid handling completely where you’d actually fill the tank and have to bring it home for handling. Might be cool, might be too close to realism to be fun, might add a lot of depth to the system.
Fix the physics on the liquid container: For now it’ll probably hover if you drop it in the world

Replace item models: There’s a static named WaterFiltrationCart01 that has the perfect models for the two canisters, but it’s all one item. Not a priority, but would be nice (if anyone wants to volunteer to slice up a model in nifskope, let me know)


marksmango-Jack the Stripper

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