Ombre Hair Colours V1.0.1

Ombre Hair Colours V1.0.1

Replaces some hair colours with ombre/highlight styles. Currently includes black red, black purple, black gray, ash brown, and white blue.

Ombre Hair Colours
Ash brown – replaces “Teal” colour (swatch 23)
Black gray – replaces “Violet” colour (swatch 18)
Black purple – replaces “Aquapurple” colour (swatch 22)
Black red – replaces “Flame” colour (swatch 19)
White blue – replaces “Tealblonde” colour (swatch 16)

Current Issues
Since the colour maps are shared between hairstyles, the gradient effect looks less flattering on the close cropped styles.
I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the scalp colour. Unfortunately this means you can see a little bit of the original hair colour (e.g. violet and teal) on the hairline and the shaved hairstyles.

I can hopefully fix these when more modding tools are available.

Place the “Data” folder into ..\Documents\My Games\Starfield
Add the following lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in ..\Documents\My Games\Starfield




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