Enhanced Outfits – Tank Tops and Denims (Standalone) V1.1

Enhanced Outfits - Tank Tops and Denims (Standalone) V1.0

This mod adds standalone outfits consisting of a combination of tank tops with either jeans or denim shorts. Available in two body types and multiple colours and graphic designs.

According to the lore (citation needed), the Council of Governors of the Freestar Collective loved the Tank Tops and Miniskirts and decided to put their own “Freestar” twists on them. The old Earth traditional clothing known as “Cowboy Adventurer Jeans”, previously exclusive to Solomon Coe’s descendants, is now widely available in the Settled System. Due to systemic corruption, the denim shorts version is born.

This mod adds a mash-up of my modified Vladimir’s tank top with my retextured and remodelled Sam’s Jeans and shorts. The tank tops are available in two colours (black and white [yes, they are colours]) and an extra “base colour” that utilises the vanilla texture. Any retexture of the female Vladimir’s outfit will change the outfit texture in this slot. Check out my retexture pack if you want more colours or design options like those in the screenshots.

Each colour option is available in two body types. The default version is comparable to the other “Enhanced” version of my outfit series, whereas the “Enhanced Plus” is Enhanced Plus. All these tank tops can be paired with jeans or shorts (twelve outfits in the mod).

The outfits have a +5% critical damage bonus effect. The protection stats are the same as the vanilla equivalents. The weight is only 0.1, so you can carry all of them and change them whenever you want.

This mod is for female characters only. If you are a male character, the outfits will be invisible in the player preview but should appear once you equip them for your female companions.

If you want a simple tank and jeans without dealing with the ESM plugin, you can try this mod, but you won’t have access to the denim shorts, and you are limited to one colour and one body type at a time.

How to get the outfit:

– Craft it at the industrial workbench with a hefty cost of one fibre.

– Or, get the outfit by using the console command. It’s easier to give yourself a bunch of fibres (player.additem 55AF 12) and craft all of them from the workbench. If you insist, you can search the IDs by typing:

help ZY3for all outfits
help ZY3Jfor tank tops with jeans
help ZY3Sfor tank tops with denim shorts

Download the main file via a mod manager.

Ensure that you have created the StarfieldCustom.ini file in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” and input the following:

Ensure that your Plugin.txt Enabler is set up correctly, and add the following to your plugin.txt.:

*ZY3 Tank Tops and Denims.esm



Download mod

File File size
zip ZY3 Tank Tops and Denims-1-1 3 MB
zip Tank Tops and Denims-1-0 4 MB
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