Pink Squid Studios Tatoos Overlays Custom Skin Tone NBIS SK0 V1.1

Pink Squid Studios Tatoos Overlays Custom Skin Tone NBIS SK0 V1.0

ZMD – Pink Squid Studios Tatoos,Overlays & Custom Skin Tone NBIS SK0

Modded NBIS SK0 (No Bras In Space) Very Pale Skin/ Images taken indoors /See last image for outfoor skin shade example

Multiple Custom Tatoos
Multi colour Nails (hands & feet)
Soles Overlays (dirt/paint)
Hands ,Bod,.Face Files Included
All the other Body mask files Also included
2k Files 4k will follow soon.
ALL sk0 textures will use this modded pale skin tone (SK0 ONLY)
Doesnt effect other Skins 1/2/3//5/+

No Requirements – Manual or Vortex (If working), however I don’t personally use vortex for texture mods.
Correct file structure drop to your games folder. (my docs/my games/starfield-Overwrite)

Created for my own characters Playthrough , Will likely add variations in future.

This mod is Based on the set of female body skins created by Starloddy for No Bras In Space

VBB (Voluptuous Body for Beauties)
The running mascara or devastated eye makeup overlay can be found here

The Multi tone rainbow hair colour is a mod that i’m working on and releasing very soon.

Enjoy !

ALL the texures here are using the BC7 SRGB DX 11+ Compression method.



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