PoI Faction Diversity V0.2

PoI Faction Diversity V0.2

Increases the diversity of randomly-generated points of interest by adding four lore-friendly factions to the pool of potential hostiles.

It’s a fairly common complaint that there’s not enough diversity in Starfield’s randomly generated points of interest. Regrettably, we can’t add entire new points of interest yet – but we can add more diversity to the ones that already exist. This mod, inspired by ljorder66’s More Starborn, adds four new, lore-friendly factions to the pool of potential hostiles you can encounter while exploring the Settled Systems.

I highly recommend using a mod manager, such as Mod Organizer 2. If you intend to install manually, then follow the following instructions:

Install Plugins.txt Enabler.
Extract PoINPCDiversity.esm to your Starfield\Data folder, where “Starfield” is the folder containing Starfield.exe.
Add “*PoINPCDiversity.esm” to your Plugins.txt.

New Factions
The First are a mercenary company organized and led by the disgraced Major Paxton Hull, former commander of the Freestar Militia’s First Cavalry. Like Ecliptic, they have been seeking out and occupying abandoned Colony War-era facilities. The First can be recognized by their Colony War-era Freestar uniforms and their preference for Laredo firearms.
The Seokguh Syndicate are an organized crime syndicate originating from Neon. While Neon serves as their headquarters, they have several offworld operations as well. Seokguh members have a preference for flashy business suits.
The UC Marines are the ground forces of the United Colonies military. While a rare sight outside UC space, they still maintain many operational military bases. These are secure military installations, so don’t expect a warm welcome – unless, of course, you’re a member of the UC military yourself. UC Marines have a diverse array of armor and weapons.
The Freestar Militia are the Marines’ opposite number in the Freestar Collective. Like the Marines, the Militia maintains a number of operational military facilities that are off-limits to civilians, although they’ll allow access to a member of the esteemed Freestar Rangers. The Militia use modern Freestar uniforms and Laredo firearms.

This mod edits several locations, as well as the leveled NPCs used to distribute enemies to randomly generated dungeons, and is likely to be incompatible with any mod that edits the same. A compatibility option for More Starborn is included.

This mod does NOT edit any existing condition forms. It is therefore compatible with mods that alter the conditions for human habitability, such as Desolation.



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