Robert S Male Body Replacer V1.2a

Robert S Male Body Replacer V0.1

Legendary Robert’s male body replacer made it to the stars.

Note: this is ealrly release of a mod with main goal to make actual body mesh public (for potential use by other modders to refit things). It will have amount of improvements in future, such as better textures and fixes to morph files.

-Male body replacer with high quality topology, good proportions, realistic human anatomy and smooth weighting.
-High quality textures.
-Working basic morphs (subject to improve, but not that bad already).

Plans on updates:
-Improving weight morphs.
-Redoing normal maps completely to both remove seams and improve details.
-Vanilla outfits adaptations.
-More options for textures (hairy, etc.).

Manually or with any mod manager.

Known issues
-Normal maps have really bad seams. For now I have no way to fix it without redoing all the textures and, as result, causing issues with NPC faces, sadly. If anyone knows how to fix this horrifying issue I’ll be very grateful for help.
-Morphs are rather raw and need improvements. It’s planned for next update.
-No vanilla refits. It’s going to be a long road, but eventually it will be done.
-Only nude version avaible at the moment.

-Why rush release instead of polishing everything to perfection?
Simple as that, mostly because I am in Ukraine, and possibly soon enough I’ll be out of electricity for days, so I’ll simply have no opportunity to polish things further. While basic mesh is already good enough for other modmakers to make refits (if they will want to) and majority of issues are related to textures, I decided to publish it while I can.


Robert2 – original body mesh.

Download mod

File File size
7z Robert S Body Replacer-1-2a 89 MB
7z Robert S Body Replacer-0-1 21 MB
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