Slim – Fit – Clothing V1.0

Slim - Fit - Clothing V1.0

This mod changes some clothing items in the game and shows a little more skin

• change colonist beadedcollarshirt: leaves only the belt, changes the pants and takes over the watch from colonist croppedvest
• change colonist croppedvest: really makes the vest cropped
• change City Outfit: makes more bulge and more butt

• Is fully compatible with my Mod Slim Fit Body and uses the same body model
• When used with my Mod Slim Fit Body, the body sliders also affect the clothing

Please follow the installation instructions in the attached Readme file carefully

SF Extended Skeleton – is required for physics simulation



Download mod

File File size
rar Slim Fit Male Clothing-V1-0 39 MB
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