SF Extended Skeleton V1.1

SF Extended Skeleton V1.1

Starfield skeleton with few new bones to be utilized by modmakers for animating.

Bones are:
-4 Pecs/breast bones
-9 Tail bones
-1 Belly bone
-2 Balls bones
-7 Penis bones
-2 Vagina bones
-4 Anus bones
-4 Tongue bones
-4 Bunny Ears bones

They are likely can be used for cloth physics already with new Havok Blender addon, but they do not have own collisions for now.

For skeleton to be used in blender, just import it as .nif and weight mesh to desired bones.


– Mod Organizer – as usual.

– Manually – you have to know how to enable mods for a game. Copypaste mod folder content to your Data folder (you’ll also have to manage optional folders and copy their content if you want body other than default).



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