Pistol Attachment Framework – PAF V1.0.1

Pistol Attachment Framework - PAF V1.0

Users: This is only a requirement for other mods.
Modders: This is to help you create Pistol Mods.

Just download normally and Install with your preferred mod manager

This contains OMODs, MiscMods, and Comods from most of the game’s pistol attachments to help you create attachments for your pistols mods.
I aligned and scaled all pistol attachments so you’d only have to change the Parent node on the Receiver nif and plim, all muzzles, sights and lasers should be perfectly aligned.

This mod requires Swap Mods (OLD VERSION ONLY, it was causing ctd) so that the misc mods function as intended.

The mods contains:
– 5 Compensators
– 5 Muzzle Brakes
– 7 Suppressors
– 6 Lasers
– 9 Reflex Sights

These are all from the base game. More assets will be added in the future.

Using the same misc mods will allow you to swap attachments between pistols (was causing ctd) old mod version still has them if you want to try.



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7z PAF_1.01 4 MB
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