Address Library for SFSE Plugins V11.0

Address Library for SFSE Plugins V1.0

This is a database that helps make DLL mods version independent more easily. Currently nothing I know of uses this yet, so as a regular mod user, there is no need to download or install anything here.

Putting the instructions here anyway for later:

For regular mod users: Download and install the “all-in-one” package from files section. You can use mod manager or do it manually. The .bin files should go here:

For DLL plugin authors:
Wait for CommonlibSF or SFSE to add support. After that use the appropriate offsets.txt file to see which ID corresponds to which offset, and then you can use the ID instead of offset to make your mod not depend on any specific game version.

What the files mean:
versionlib- – contains ID / offsets for steam version of the game
versionlib- – contains ID / offsets for MS store version of the game, the 1 at the end is not part of game version, but says it is MS store.

If there are more platforms in the future (for example GOG) then I will add 2 at end etc.



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