The Lovely Cassiopeia – Female Nude Body Replacer V0.4a

The Lovely Cassiopeia - Female Nude Body Replacer V0.4a

Introducing The Lovely Cassiopeia, a female body replacer
She was made with one goal in mind – erotic animations
I wanted a body mod that would never compromise flexibility
I wanted a body mod that would work for everyone, always
I wanted a body mod that puts detailed animations first

So where am I with her so far? She is still at an early stage honestly
But if I don’t release her now, it could be 6 months, a year, etc…
Briefly, she has toe geometry, she has a fully sculpted privates with insides
Her insides are not anatomically correct, I only care about how it looks from outside
She has a custom skeleton which has many additional bones to animate things
Things we could never animate before…
For now, the custom skeleton (and weighting) is NOT included
Because I don’t want to release that until the skeleton is finalized
She has a new UV map = vanilla outfits showing skin will look messed up
I will gradually convert vanilla outfits, prioritizing those
There are some UV seams because I had to edit the UVs
Those issues are quite simple (but tedious) to fix
Her base shape is settled = she can be used as a model for outfits

Pinned sticky post will go into a lot more technical depth
Install is very simple, merge the included data folder with your games data folder
Put your female characters weight to the middle position in enhance menu
It replaces female textures, but for now, no skeleton or esp included
Installation will get more complex as the mod is developed
But still much simpler than some past ones



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