Andreja’s Scarlet Seduction V1.0

Andreja's Scarlet Seduction V1.0

Changes Andreja’s dress to red and cuts one leg showing the naked leg

I. Requirements:
Andreja Outfit Cutting

II. Description

Transforms Andreja’s outfit making it red while exposing one of her legs.

III. Installation

Enable Archive Invalidation (INI settings) by adding the lines below to your StarfieldCustom.ini :


Install via Vortex or MO2 – Load it after Andreja Outfit Cutting


extract the files to your Starfield folder (after installing Andreja Outfit Cutting)

Pictures are taken using the mod Thicc Andreja which gives her thicker legs.
It is compatible but no included in this mod.


StarboyCosmic for Andreja’s Crimson Dress
dantemk2 for Andreja Outfit Cutting

Download mod

File File size
rar Andrejas Scarlet Seduction-1-0 778 KB
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