Craftable Clothing Effects – CCE V1.2.1

Craftable Clothing Effects - CCE V1.0

While playing through the game and collecting clothing, I was unsatisfied with how some of the items of clothing that I liked the look of either had effects that were too minor to make any real difference, or were only useless if you had certain skills unlocked. So, I wanted to make a mod that allows you to change them freely and have the clothing effects on whichever piece of clothing you choose. This is something Bethesda originally planned, so it’s something of restoring cut content too.

In the crafting menu, they’re known as Linings, and the recipes are based on spacesuit crafting recipes, meaning that you will need to research Spacesuit Mods for them to be available.

Additionally, I’ve made it so that clothing effects now appear in the character Status Effects menu, like the neuroamps do. Bethesda had already given all but one of the effects a unique name, so those names are used for them.

They are as follows, with the name followed by the effect:
Analytical – +5% chance of Research Sudden Developments
Authoritative – +10% Persuasion chance
Commanding – +5% Intimidation chance
Disciplined – +5% Reload Speed
Influential – +5% Persuasion chance
Relaxed – Actions use -5% O2
Renegade – +5% Critical Damage
Resilient – +10 Health
Resourceful – +5 Carry Capacity
Sanctum’s Blessing – Health slowly regenerates while in lower than Earth gravity
Stealth Lining – Become 25% harder to detect
Tailored – +5% O2 Recovery
Versatile – +5 Health and O2
Weapon Designer – Chance to craft weapon mods without using resources

The crafting for the Authoritative, Sanctum’s Blessing, Stealth Lining and Weapon Designer effects are locked behind completing the quest you obtain the clothing with the original effect in, but there are optional plugins in the download to disable the ability to craft these effects, or to be able to craft them without having to complete their quests. If you choose the latter option, they will still have the same research and crafting requirements.

Along with that, there’s also an optional plugin to allow you to change the effect on neuroamps. As you can buy all of the neuroamps relatively easily, it didn’t feel necessary to enable the ability to craft the effects by default, but I know some people will want to anyway. The neuroamp effects are known as Programs in the crafting menu, and they’re based on the spacesuit helmet crafting recipes, so you will need to research Helmet Mods for them to be available.

There’s also a couple of extra related fixes I included as follows:
Fixes Sanctum’s Blessing effect to no longer include a visual effect with it
Removes footstep foley sounds from the neuroamps
Fixes the NeuroTacs to have leveled spawns like the other neuroamps

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler



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