Space Undersuit Remodeled V2.1b

Space Undersuit Remodeled V1.1

Redesigned female space undersuit.

Use any relevant skin texture mod to remove the underwear lines as Mei’s tights share the same .normal maps as game’s naked body model. This mod does not work well on companions, maybe can fix this in the future with working morphs. Tattoos in pictures are from different mod.

Updated to have unique geometry paths to make the mod more compatible (doesn’t override Mei’s dress anymore etc.) Tested to work with VBB, although it doesn’t change the looks of this mod, but at least verified it doesn’t conflict with proportions shooting out of the clothing.

Make sure your body size is set to 0 at Enhance! and exactly at the center. Due to how finicky modding is currently and I’m very new at modding, this is a required step to prevent gaps etc.

Space Undersuit Remodeled V1.1


Drop the Data folder from .zip to /Documents/My Games/Starfield/ folder.

Make sure that your StarfieldCustom.ini has the lines:



Kryo Zet

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