Delgado of Mandalore V1.1

Delgado of Mandalore V1.0

Delgado of Mandalore
– a Delgado Outfit retexture and optional Mantis Spacesuit replacer –

What you get:
– Delgados Outfit retextured
– Optional: Also replaces the Mantis Spacesuit
– Optional: Retexture of Sam Coes Cowboy hat

I tried to give Delgados Outfit a “Mandalorian” look. I recolored most parts and also tried to make some of them more metallic (right shoulder, wrists and legs).
The Mantis Spacesuit replacer version also changes the Mantis backpack (Deepseeker backpack). It doesn’t replace the helmet though!

What you don’t get:
– The Mandalorian helmet

The helmet used in the screenshots is from another awesome Mod “Fett Helmet” by RedxYeti. I highly recommend using it if you want to look like a Mandalorian!

1) Download the version you want

2) Extract the “Data” folder in your …\Documents\My Games\Starfield
Or in your …\steamapps\common\Starfield if you use your games root folder as Data folder (should also work with Mod Manager)

3) If you don’t already have it, open you StarfieldCustom.ini in your \My Games\Starfield folder and add these lines:
If there is no StarfieldCustom.ini file, create one yourself and add the lines.

4) Hunt some bounties!

For Sam Coes hat open your console (~) in game and type in
player.additem 003FC344



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