Tiger Shipyards Overhaul V1.0

Tiger Shipyards Overhaul V1.0

This mod is a natural evolution of my previous mod for DerreTech, used as a starting point for this personal work of mine.
From the old mod I maintain only the external meshes/geometry of 3x3x2 Hab. The other modules, for the moment, are updated versions of the vanilla modules.

Content of v1.00

3x3x2 Hab. Two variants:
Empty hab
Infirmary + Workroom in first floor + more useful equips on second floor
A new CK40 Cockpit (based on Phobos DS20.1)
A new Class C Grav Drive (based on Gamma J-52)
A new Class C Reactor (based on DC403)
A new Class C Engine (based on SAL-6830)
A new Cargo module with all snap points
A new shielded Cargo module with all snap points
A new Fuel tank
A new Class C Grav Drive Booster
A new Class M Reactor Booster
A new recruitable Crew-Doctor (from decorator panel)
A new buildable Sanitation Mini-Bot (from decorator panel)

Hab and Cockpit includes Decorator Panel*
(*) Remember that ships are not made to handle decorations. Activation of decoration panel can cause a CTD, so use it at your own risk. Save game before use.

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