DRIPGADO – Spacesuit and Clothing V1.0

DRIPGADO - Spacesuit and Clothing V1.0

This mod makes a Black & Gold or a Black & Silver version of Delgado’s Outfit + Stealth Helmet, as well as an image replacement to the Ranger Armor so you can also use it as a spacesuit!

Replaces the Ranger Spacesuit with Delgado’s Outfit & Stealth Helmet.

    • Only meshes. You can Install/uninstall it at anytime.
    • Can be worn as just an outfit, spacesuit, or both!
    • Transparent Booster
    • Any Delgado retextures will automatically apply.



1) Unpack it into your Documents Starfield folder.
2) Create the StarfieldCustom.ini file in your Documents\My Games\Starfield folder, containing the next text:



This mod has a transparent Booster Pack.
If you would like to edit the perks of booster, add the attributes before you apply this mod using the charts below.


Simply delete the added provided folders found in your Documents.

Console Commands

  • player.additem (CODE)
  • Ranger Spacesuit – 00227CA0
  • Ranger Pack –  001E2AF7
  • Ranger Helmet –  001E2AC1
  • Delgado’s Outfit – 0022771F
  • Stealth Helmet – 0016E0C3

You can use .amod commands to customize the gear to replace the perks you had or to your liking!

Don’t care for immersion and want a helmetless version anywhere?
Check out Moonling’s mod for Hidden Suits anywhere.
Hide Spacesuit Anywhere

Armor Modifiers:

To adjust your suit’s quality values (phys/energy/em res):
11E2B9Quality_04 (Advanced)

You can add 1 to 3 modifiers to an armor to increase it’s rarity. 1 mod is (Rare), 2 is (Epic), 3 is (Legendary).
Add these mods to your armor with the same command you used for quality.

Mod Group 1

sensor chip     002c43db+20% acc while moving
sentinel        000be54075% chance to take 50% less dmg while not moving
headhunter      002c43dc+25% dmg on next attack after a headshot
armor plated    002ede59-10% dmg from physical,energy and em
mechanized      000be542+40 carry capacity
assisted carry  002ede4freduces o2 consumption while encumbered by 75%
incendiary      0000298310% chance to ignite nearby attackers
mirrored        00059ae84% chance to reflect attacks
repulsing       0006029d5% chance to disarm nearby attackers

Mod Group 2

o2 boosted      000690b0+20% oxygen
combat veteran  001336be-15% dmg from humans
beast hunter    001336bd-15% dmg from aliens
chameleon       001336c1makes you invisible in sneak while not moving
ablative        0013369c-15% incoming energy damage
incendiary      0000298310% chance to ignite nearby attackers
sturdy          00133699-15% incoming melee dmg
o2 filter       000690ae-25% oxygen consumption
bolstering      001336c6grants up to +100 energy and physical resistance, the lower your health
technician      001336bc-15% dmg from robots
anti-ballistic  0013369e-15% incoming dmg from ranged weapons

Mod Group 3

fastened        002ede4e+20 carry capacity
auto medic      000c9a43automatically use a med pack when hit and health is below 25%, 60s cd
galvanized      000710f7+25 corrosive resistance
incendiary      0007d728randomly deal fire damage (works with the other incendiary mod too)
liquid cooled   000710f6+25 thermal resistance
resource hauler 00060293resources weigh 25% less
analyzer        000690af+10% dmg to scanned targets
leadlined       000710f5+25 radiation resistance
hacker          002c43da+2 max auto attempts that can be banked while hacking
weapon holsters 00060295    weapons weigh 50% less
acrobat         000710fdreduces fall dmg by 50%
antiseptic      000710fa+25 airborne resistance
staggering      000e8d64small chance to stagger enemies



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