Enhanced Outfits – Tank Top Accessories V1.0

Enhanced Outfits - Tank Top Accessories V1.0

This mod adds a variety of accessories to complement my other mods that utilised the modified Vladimir’s tank top. Now, you can wear the tank top in various settings.

This mod is tailored to be used together with the mods listed below:

Enhanced Outfits – Tank Tops and Denims
Enhanced Tank Top – Vladimir Sall’s Outfit Remeshed (ideally with the optional jean replacement)
Enhanced Outfits – Tank Tops and Miniskirts (although some accessories are not suitable, see below)

The items may also be compatible with other modded or vanilla outfits or naked body meshes, depending on your tolerance for clipping issues.

Item List (and their clothing slots):
Gloves^ (6 and 13)
Tactical Vest*^ (14)
Harness* (14)
Cropped Vest*^ (14)
Waist Jacket (15)
Voss Jacket*# (14 and 15)
Starborn Cape# (14 and 15)
Neocity Poncho# (14 and 15)

^ Alternate colours are available as optional files.
* Available in default and Enhanced Plus versions to accommodate different body types
# Not compatible with the mini skirt due to clipping issues

The items have various bonus effects and protection stats that I find useful. If you think they are unbalanced, disable that yourself in xEdit.

All items weigh 0.1, so you can carry all of them and change them whenever you want.

This mod is for female characters only. If you are a male character, the outfits will be invisible in the player preview but should appear once you equip them for your female companions. This mod is intended to be used in the third-person view.

How to get the items:

– Craft it at the industrial workbench with a hefty cost of one fibre.

– Or, get the outfit by using the console command. It’s easier to give yourself a bunch of fibres (player.additem 55AF 14) and craft all of them from the workbench. If you insist, you can search the IDs by typing:

help ZY6

Once you have a stable-ish load order, I highly recommend this mod, which allows you to equip and unequip the items with customisable hotkeys.

Download the main file via a mod manager. If you also downloaded the optional file(s), overwrite the main file (load the optional file(s) AFTER the main file).

Ensure that you have created the StarfieldCustom.ini file in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” and input the following:

Ensure that your Plugin.txt Enabler is set up correctly, and add the following to your plugin.txt.:

*ZY6 Tank Tops Extras.esm



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