Freestar Rebels V1.0.1

Freestar Rebels V1.0.1

This mod transforms the various Freestar Collective Outfits into Rebel Alliance ones, complete with Body morphs so you can finally role play as Porkins!

What’s been replaced?
The Outfits changed are as follows:
Akila Guard = Tantive IV Consular Guard
Militia = Endor Rebel Trooper
Ranger Vest and Trench coat = Rebel Officer.
Ranger Spacesuit = Rebel Pilot suit with kitbashed sealed helmet.
1st Mech Pilot = Rebel Pilot suit with classic open helmet.

I chose not to replace the First officer and mercenary outfits because their the best outfits in the game lol.

Empire overhaul?
Download UC Empire to turn the UC into the Empire.

Anything that edits the FC outfit records and FC related NPC records.


Extract the archive into your “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder or use a mod manager such as Vortex or MO2.
Add these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\”


You will need Plugins.txt Enabler to load the ESM, follow this mod’s description on how to install it.

If you’re installing using Vortex:
Update the Vortex Starfield plugin to version 0.4.4 anything older will cause missing files.
Manually add the ESM to the Plugins.txt

If you’re installing using MO2:
Should just work.

Don’t use sTestFile in the starfieldcustom.ini as this will break using Plugins.txt.



Download mod

File File size
zip Freestar Rebels-1-0-1 282 MB
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