Ghost another Mantis replacer V1.0.3

Ghost another Mantis replacer V1.0

*Male Only*

Tired of that god ugly Mantis armor? Wish it was just a little more intimidating? Well I got you covered, now introducing Ghost. A tactical and grim look worthy of striking fear into the hearts of criminals and space pirates.

Simple replacer mod that I made for myself. Mod uses the Starborn helmet, Mantis booster, and Naeve armor. This is my second mod ever and spent all day hand texturing.

As far as I know this mod is not compatible with anything that alters the Mantis, Starborn, or Naeve textures.

Simple download the file and drop the Date file into your Starfield files in your documents


I will not be supplying an .ini file since by now majority of you should know how to do that.



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