Pekoe Eye Overhaul V2.0

Pekoe Eye Overhaul V1.0

Eye texture overhaul with deeper colours and soft, subtle details. Includes 2 options for eyelashes (volume or wispy).

Pekoe Eye Overhaul
My game keeps crashing so instead I’ve been learning how to make texture mods. This is my self-indulgent project to make high resolution eye textures in a softer, semi-realistic style.

Pekoe Eyes
Currently replaces all vanilla eye colours and sclera. Includes some new normal and rough maps to adjust the way light reflects on the eyes. Everything was done based on my personal aesthetic preferences (not interested in ultra-realism) but I am open to suggestions to make the mod better.

Pekoe Lashes
Options for new eyelashes in higher resolution:

Volume – Thinner strands and greater volume. It can look full and dramatic on certain eye shapes, especially on women.
Wispy – Lightweight and feathery strands. Looks more “natural” than vanilla and Volume eyelashes.

4K and 2K available in main files. Eyelashes available for optional download in 2K or 1K.
Versions with vanilla resolution (1K-512) are available in miscellaneous files.

Technically not compatible with mods that replace the same files, but feel free to mix and match with your preferred eye mods.


Install with mod manager, or:

Place the “Data” folder into ..\Documents\My Games\Starfield
Add the following lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in ..\Documents\My Games\Starfield


Mods Used
Ombre Hair Colours
Eyebrows Redone
New outfits for Sarah (retexture)
NaturaLUTS – Vanilla Plus
Photo Mode Tweaks



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