Helmet Armory V1.002

Helmet Armory V1.002

Craft some semifresh helmets that are stand alone in your inventory remeshed or altered bla bla bla

This will be a repository for every helmet I tinker with.
-[porn music crescendos]-
All can be crafted “stand alone” at the industrial workbench, they wont replace anything in game.
All use your game textures, or texture mods installed for the similar type.
All have the same base stats, shown in images.
All are for male or female…

These are not visible on the ground, on armor stands… I didnt make the “GO’ meshes for them.
-However they do work on mannequins.

Copy Data folder from Zip to your Data folder… or use a mod manager however they work.
Add *AthanareiksHelm.esm to your Plugins.txt file.

Starfield Script Extender (SFSE)
Plugins.txt Enabler



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