Avontech Plasma Rifle V1.0

Avontech Plasma Rifle V1.0

A standalone plasma rifle designed to be balanced and integrated into the game seamlessly.

The weapon can be found on enemies, in chests and at vendors from level 4.

Standalone rifle that fires plasma bolts.
Can be found as a legendary.
3 Magazines, Laser sight, 4 Scopes, 2 Barrels.
Uses 11mm Ammo.
Counts as a Ballistic weapon.
Damage is balanced (similar to the tombstone)
Integrated with base game, NPC’s use this weapon and it can be found in shops and chests.
Tiered same as vanilla weapon
Supports Legendary Module Recycler and similar mods

Using multiple weapon mods:
For multiple weapon mods use StarArmory to create a patch



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zip AvontechPlasmaRifle-1-0 2 MB
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