All Background Dialogue Unlocked V1.1

All Background Dialogue Unlocked V1.1

You can now choose multiple backgrounds for unlocking dialogue.

I always felt it was a bit odd that you can only select one background since most folks probably have had more than one type of profession in their lifetime. So I fixed it.

Perhaps you were a Neon Street Rat that got out of Neon by becoming a soldier, but that life wasn’t for you so you became a Long Hauler… etc, etc. The combinations are endless.

What’s Changed:
Most vanilla backgrounds have been copied as a trait. These traits are used to condition dialogue that was previously associated with a Background. The backgrounds are notated by starting with A or An (i.e. “A Soldier”, “An Explorer”). This allows you to quickly determine which traits are “backgrounds”. They serve no other purpose than giving you more dialogue options.
You can now choose as many traits as you like. This was needed to allow multiple “background” selections. The Chargen UI will only show 3, but all that you select will be applied.
Restrictions have been removed from traits. Now you can be a Neon Street Rat and a Freestar Collective Settler for example. I mean, Neon is part of the Freestar Collective, is it not? Now you have the choice.
Chargen Background Selection. The background you choose on the Background tab will be the background that Supervisor Lin, Commander Ikande and Guards comment on. And of course will give you the 3 skills as it normally does. For the player dialogue, you will also need to select your chosen background as a trait. As of v1.1, this is no longer the case. You do not need to select the trait if you used it as your background for player dialogue to work.

If a background is missing from Traits, it is because there was no dialogue associated with it. Sculptor for example does not have any player dialogue, only NPC dialogue acknowledging the player is a sculptor.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler



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