StarUI Outpost V1.2

StarUI Outpost V1.2

Improves the outpost interface for PC. Add a comfortable build menu with separate lists for category, building and variation (and you only need 4 keys instead of 8 to navigate) . Changes the key bindings to be like most other interfaces. Adds a inspect label and button hints at the cursor. And many other quality-of-life additions.

Much better improved build menu with separate lists for categories, buildings and variants

You no longer need 8 keys for the build menu navigation – 4 keys are enough
Shows the produced item as subtitle for fabricators
View all variants in a easy navigable list
Smarter variant naming – e.g. “Extractor – Iron – Commercial” is shown as “Commercial” in the variant lists
Numbered naming for equal named items – e.g. “Poster 1”, “Poster 2” instead of “Poster” for all

Changed the basic ui key handling, so it’s like other interfaces – e.g. TAB is now back/exit and change mode is now “Q” or “Left Shoulder”
Added comfort keys to several interfaces – You can use Mouse1 instead of only E for choosing an item from the action cards, like wiring. And in wire mode you can press Mouse1 where it was only E previously.
New inspect label – Shows what you are viewing at directly under the crosshair
New crosshair buttons – See what you can do directly under the crosshair
Different colors for build and inspect mod – Now you see in which mode you are!
Allows full adjustment of every widget. Control the color, size, position individual for every widget. And you can hide it if you don’t like it
Option to disable the open/close animation
Available in 30, 60 and 120fps
Comes with three pre-defined presets: Author’s Choice, Author’s Choice (default color) and Vanilla Extended
Completely customizable – Comes with an StarUI Configurator profile, so you can easily adjust your outpost interface
Safe to install/remove at any time! Doesn’t affect your save game and won’t prevent your ability to get achievements!
Multilanguage – Supports all languages out of the box


Simply install with Vortex or Mod Organizer 2 (for manual installation open the spoiler below)
Enable Archive Invalidation in your INI
It’s just one click in BethINI (enable “Load Loose Files” and save)
Or: See this simple Howto: Archive Invalidation

Alternate manual installation

Copy the folders Interface\ and StarUI Configurator\ from the zip into your Starfield\Data\ folder (where the ba2 files are) – ignore folders fomod and Optional
For some people that folder won’t work, copy the files to your Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data\ folder in that case (create Data\ if it doesn’t exist)
Choose one of the three presets from the sub-folder StarUI Outpost Presets\ and copy the INI file content into a new file StarUI Outpost.ini in Interface\.
(Optional) 30fps or 120fps version: After doing the above steps copy the files from the appropriate sub-folder in Optional\ and overwrite the existing ones.


Use the StarUI Configurator to configure any setting in this mod with an easy to use graphical interface.
Or see the well-documented INI file StarUI Outpost (default).ini and adapt it to your liking!

The mod comes with three presets: Author’s Choice, Author’s Choice (default color) and Vanilla Extended.


You can switch later to another preset at any time. The presets are copied to folder Interface\StarUI Outpost Presets. Simply copy the INIs content to your StarUI Outpost (default).ini
Copy the file StarUI Outpost (default).ini and rename it to StarUI Outpost.ini. This INI file will be read too and won’t be overwritten by mod updates!
When you editing settings: A simple close/open of the outpost interface will load your changed configuration!

INI Settings File

The mouse can’t be utilized in the interface, cause the game engine completely blocks it.
While selecting a building the 3D item in the background is visible. Sadly the engine doesn’t allow to disable it in build mode.
They key bindings for outpost are really weird. Change the vanilla key binds with care and use the vanilla key settings for the best experience.



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File File size
7z StarUI Outpost-1-2 2 MB
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