Lace Underwear Replacement V1.0

Lace Underwear Replacement V1.0

Lace underwear mod replaces textures for female body for all skin tones. Mod applies to all female bodies so female NPCs will have the shadowing of the lace.. I’d suggest to use a mod such as Naked Swimsuit Replacer along with this. That way the females NPCs will be walking around in underwear rather than swimsuits with weird lace shadowing(it doesn’t look great.. kinda looks like a tattoo actually). Textures were upscaled 200% to get more detail on the underwear but no modifications or enhancements have been done to the original skin texture. I will be making more variations and uploading them very soon. If you have any color requests let me know and open to any feedback.

***Reported to work with VBB by GhoulKiddo***


Extract the files into Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data

Required lines in StarfieldCustom.ini




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