Lewd Lab and Striker outfit V1.0

Lewd Lab and Striker outfit V1.0

Makes all lab outfits and the Striker Streetwear outfit much more revealing.

WARNING – due to how restrictive modding is right now, this outfit will only work with skin tone 4, or else the skin will be a different
color from everything else. Also only for female characters.

There is also some obvious clipping issues with the lab coat that cant be fixed right now because I cant edit nifs to fix those imperfections quite yet. Same goes for the see through spot on the striker outfit.

To Install this mod make sure you have the StarfieldCustom.ini mod downloaded and sitting in your Documents\MyGames\Starfield Folder.
Then extract the data folder from the zip you got from this mod and dump the
contents into the same Documents\MyGames\Starfield Folder.
And finally, Enjoy!

Requires: Base StarfieldCustom.ini to Enable Loose File Mods – Wont work without

To get a nude body please check out Thepal’s Naked Starfield Wanders mod! This mod should also be compatible with any other underwear retexture mods.

Give striker outfit – player.additem 00064A2E 1
Give NASA lab outfit – player.additem 000C47A0 1



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