More Contraband Vendors V1.0

More Contraband Vendors V1.0

A very simple xEdit/SF1Edit mod that alters two vendors to allow them to buy contraband and stolen goods, and increases their credits to the same level as a trade authority vendor. Also fixes a crime faction bug with the NG+ “You?” follower.


So you decided to side with SysDef* and wipe out the Crimson Fleet. Good for you! But now you’ve only got two vendors left in unpatrolled space who will buy your contraband. And one of those is a barmaid, for some reason. I hope those harvested organs aren’t going in the sandwiches.

But as one door closes, another opens. Monika Blum at the Eleos Retreat has been doing so well in her rehab that the trade authority have been in contact with Eleos and have offered to make her a provisional agent. She still sells mostly what she did before, it is a retreat for felons after all, but now she has the authority to buy anything the trade authority does and has the funds to match.

Meanwhile Daisuke Levitz on the ECS Constant is now getting a steady stream of customers, many stopping off on their way to Paradiso. He isn’t exactly sure what these strange little cases are that some of his clientele have with them, but they sure do sell for a lot when a buyer comes around. And it’s all for the benefit of the Constant’s crew, so what’s the harm? Business is good!

* Siding with SysDef is purely optional of course, maybe you’re a pirate and you just want another two contraband vendors!


Monika Blum at the Eleos Retreat (on Ixyll II) can now buy stolen and contraband items and has increased credits. If you’ve previously met her in-game she’ll still be in her civilian clothes, if you enter the following console command it should reset her appearance and put her in the trade authority uniform: 0000AF93.resurrect

Daisuke Levitz is on the ECS Constant (I hope you didn’t blow it up!) or in Paradiso (Porrima II) depending on your choices, and can now also buy stolen and contraband items and has increased credits.


This didn’t really deserve its own mod so I’ve just included it in this one. There’s a bug with the new game plus alt universe “You?” follower (the player’s duplicate) where they were assigned the UC crime faction instead of either a personal crime faction or no crime faction like the other followers. This results in some rather silly and half broken behaviour when your follower sees you steal from a UC NPC, they’ll confiscate your stolen items and call security, but you can’t actually be arrested unless someone else sees you stealing too. The fix is to just remove the UC crime faction from “You?”, then they act like every other follower when you steal.


Use a mod manager, or manually install. The plugins.txt mod will work. Please look up how to get plugin esm mods working properly with Starfield before you post a comment saying this mod doesn’t work; it does.



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