Lewd Outfits – With Working Skin V1.0

Lewd Outfits - With Working Skin V1.0

Just some simple lewd alters to some clothes by editing the armor addons via an esp instead of model swaps.
Skin colour properly changes to match your character (requires setting the 7 flag in the armor addon for those than want to know) however
since there’s no model editing right now there’s some clipping.

Compatible with NSFW – Naked Starfield Wanderers

Edited Outfits:
Argos Jacketed Jumpsuit / Miner Jacketed Jumpsuit
Engineering Outfits
Elbow Grease Gears
Inclement Weather Outfit / Setter Explorer Outfit
Neon Nightlife Skirt / Neon Socialite Skirt

this mod could effect more if other outfits reference the same armor addons

1. Extract the zip file and add the “LewdOutfits.esp” to your Data folder or install via Vortex
2. in your StarfieldCustom.ini add the following lines


3. if you have more esp mods you’ll have to increase the number, like sTestFile2, sTestFile3, ect up to 10

Recommended Mods: Baka Achievement Enabler



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File File size
zip Lewd Outfits-1-0 806 B
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