Player Placed Infinite Storage V0.2

Player Placed Infinite Storage V0.2

Makes all player placed storage in outposts and houses infinite

This mod is experimental and stability has not been proven. Use at your own risk.
Create a save before enabling, and know that anything can happen and you may have to go back to your old save.

Hoarders rejoice!
Finally have a reason to return home, and the ability to focus your ships on more than just being one giant cargo hold.

This mod makes all player placed storage in your outposts (or your houses) infinite. This only includes the storage under the Decorations category; nothing related to resource gathering machines.

To facilitate stability, this creates new containers instead of modifying the existing ones. This does mean that if you uninstall, your decoration containers will disappear; but it also means that this isn’t editing every container in the game, as they are shared throughout the game world and that could lead to problematic results. This also means you’ll have to add new containers at your outposts; it will not update the existing ones.

Installation Instructions:
Drop “OutpostStorage.esp” into Starfield’s Data Directory
Add the line sTestFile1=OutpostStorage.esp into your StarfieldCustom.ini under [General]

Note: If you have multiple .esp mods, you can change the number after sTestFile to anything 1-10 (sTestFile3=OutpostStorage.esp for instance).

You will need an achievement enabler (as you’ll see because the game tells you).
I use this one and have verified that achievements work: Baka Achievement Enabler

Known Issues:
-Missing thumbnails
-Default rotation when initially placing
-No anims/sounds on placed containers



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