Mandalorian Conversion – Clone Wars Era V1.4

Mandalorian Conversion - Clone Wars Era V1.1

This is a full suit replacement mod using the currently available knowledge and tools, it will fully replace your Mantis and Bountyhunter 01 armor and backpack in game so if you currently have texture replacements for that this will override everything!
This will work for both Male and Female characters with slight changes for each to fit with the design styles of their armor.
I have plans to expand this in to a full Clone Wars era replacement mod as time goes on with the next step of replacing the bounty hunter and merc models with that of Death Watch before continuing on.

This mod REQUIRES my Star Wars Armor Pack to work going forward. Nothing will work without this!

Currently in game
Jango Fett – Mantis
Death Watch – Bountyhunter01

Known Issues
Gloves use default model and textures

Body morphs now semi work, you will no longer need to edit your character to wear the armor however the armor will not scale to your body type at this time.

I will continue to work and update this mod as more tools become available to fix these issues and refine the models and textures.

Place the data folder in to your “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder. If you already have a data folder in there let it replace all files within it.

You will need a file named “Starfield.ini” in your Starfield folder if you do not already have one. Once there add these lines to the file and save.



The Sniper 9

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