Star Wars Armor Pack V1.1

Star Wars Armor Pack

Custom Armor pack containing all the models and textures I have built for my conversion mods as fully standalone and craftable suits with both space suits and base clothing options.
-Mandalorian Armors
-Clone Trooper Armors

This mod will add in models I have made for my conversion mods plus extra suits that don’t fit in to the conversions, everything can be crafted at the industrial work bench for 1 credit each (these are for fun, you dont need to farm for mats!) Unlike my conversions this mod will NOT convert any base game suits, every model and texture is fully unique and will not overwrite any base files.
All armors include both a Spacesuit version and Clothing version, the clothing option in crafting will display as a fabric bag and include “(clothing)” at the end of the name.

Includes suits from:
Mandalorian Conversion
Grand Army of the Republic
Shadow Collective
As well as an all new Din Djarin model that has options for cape, no cape or jetpack+cape.

Known Issues
Jetpack emitters are not functioning properly

Place the data folder in to your “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder. If you already have a data folder in there let it replace all files within it.

You will need a file named “StarfieldCustom.ini” in your Starfield folder if you do not already have one. Once there add these lines to the file and save.


To get the .esm files to work you must use one of the following methods,

1- Go to Plugin.txt , Download and follow the instructions to set up and use .esm files


2 – Add in the following line to your Custom.ini file.
sTestFile1=Sniper9 – Star Wars Armor pack.esm

* NOTE “sTestFile1” might already be used by another mod, you will need to replace the “1” with the first free number up to 10. You can NOT have more than 10 sTestFiles *



Download mod

File File size
rar StarWars Armor Pack-1-1 2 GB
rar Armor Pack .ESM Update-1-0 12 KB
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