Amazon Crew V1.0

Amazon Crew V1.0

Only female unnamed recruitable crew members will appear in spaceport bars.
Increases appearing female crew phenotypes from 16 (vanilla) to 252.

Amazon Crew
– Only female unnamed recruitable crew members will appear in spaceport bars.
– Increases the number of appearing female crew phenotypes from 16 (vanilla) to 252.
– Drastically reduces the probablity of getting clones in your oversized crew.


This mod affects random generation of NEW recruitable unnamed specialist characters, it doesn’t add or create anything.

It includes preexisting female phenotypes from vanilla recruitable ship crew, random citizens, security agents, Ecliptic, First, Crimson Fleet and Spacers.
(Therefore some recruits will look particularly badass, and some will even have Red Devil eyes)

It doesn’t include any Named NPC phenotype, children or random crowd (the ugly ones in the street).

Install/Uninstal :

Use a mod manager.
If you don’t have one, put the esm directly in your game Data folder, and update your plugin.txt. Just delete it from the folder and your plugin.txt to uninstall.

Enable / disable at will :
This mod only affects the spawning selection of new recruits and their variety, therefore it should be completely safe to enable and disable mid game, even in the middle of a spaceport bar with potential recruits around.

It won’t affect any preexisting character and member of your crew.

Male recruitable crew members will appear again once this mod is disabled/uninstalled.


It’s a basic modification that does what it says and only what it says.

It should work without conflict with any mods modifying perks, stats, and spawn locations of recruitable unnamed specialist crew.

The same goes for mods altering the appearance and equipment of unnamed NPCs.

Your new amazons will get all the boosts, equipment and cosmetic changes provided by these mods.

Load order should’nt matter. If it does, load this mod last.

Updates : It should also be relatively immune to future game updates. (So just try it before asking, it won’t break anything)

Mod combinations:

This mod is made to be associated without conflict with mods that increase crew capacity of your ships and outposts and modify your ship command skills/perks.
I didn’t include these features in the mod to maximize its compatibility with these mods and future overhauls.
I won’t recommend a mod in particular to get these features, so feel free to recommend clean, well maintained ones in this mod’s thread.

No mod combination :

If you don’t wan’t to use mods altering perks and skills for now and still get a massive crew in your ship,
here is how to achieve that using console commands :



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