Mantis Remodeled V1.0

Mantis Remodeled V1.0

Remodeled Mantis spacesuit. Replaces the original ingame. Female only currently.
Version with cape available as an optional download. Male version and alternative color options coming later on. Possibly an .esm and an outfit as well.
Make sure your body size is set to 0 at Enhance! Partial morphs included, but can’t stretch to more sturdier models.

Mantis Remodeled V1.0


Drop the Data folder from .zip to /Documents/My Games/Starfield/ folder.

Make sure that your StarfieldCustom.ini has the lines:



Kryo Zet

Download mod

File File size
zip Mantis Remodeled-1-0 176 MB
zip Mantis Remodeled - Cape-1-0 30 KB
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