Improved NAT Door Lettering V1.3

Improved NAT Door Lettering V1.0

Not sure about you all, but the low-res blocky lettering had been bugging me for quite a while now whenever I’d use the tram. The letter spacing felt a bit too wide for my tastes as well, so I just swapped it in for an existing alternative and cleaned things up. Remade the normal too for smoother embossing.

Chose your preferred resolution, in this case I simply put 4k as the main one for the sharpest lettering (since it’s regularly right up in your face, having it looking as crisp as possible is preferable imo).


If modding for the first time, make sure archive invalidation is enabled in your StarfieldCustom.ini by following these instructions: Howto: Archive Invalidation

– MO2: Like any other mod.

– Vortex: Should install like any other mod with the recent update.

Both managers: make sure it’s placed below / loaded after any other mod it may conflict with.

– Manual installation: Unzip and place the “textures” folder inside your “data” folder located here: Documents\My Games\Starfield\



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