Mechanized Assault Suit V1.0

Mechanized Assault Suit V1.0

Spacesuit that has a bit of salvage vibe to it. Replaces female mantis or deepseeker spacesuits ingame.

Make sure your body size is set to 0 at Enhance! and exactly at the center. Due to how finicky modding is currently and I’m very new at modding, this is a required step to prevent gaps etc.

Mechanized Assault Suit V1.0

Work in progress. Male version and standalone .esm conversion coming in the future.

Colors Naeva’s belt and starborn sleeves black, that’s pretty much all for possibly noticeable overrides ingame.


Drop the Data folder from .zip to /Documents/My Games/Starfield/ folder.

Make sure that your StarfieldCustom.ini has the lines:


Kryo Zet

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